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Vergangene Konzerte

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City Light Thief, Bedlam Broke Lose, Goldfall
Anchors&Hearts, Plusquamperfekt, A Million Lights
5ft High & Rising, Watch Out Stampede, My Heart A Crown
A Traitor Like Judas, Storyteller, Endeavour, Trust Me I Lie
PDR, Astairre, Sofatumblers
Parachutes, Steve From England, Source Of Rage
Alive at Last, No Need For Silence, Emmett Brown, The Focus
Alex Mofa Gang, Rayo Rayo
Fat Belly, After The Storm
Light Your Anchor, Blakvise, Watch Out Stampede, Somatic Alive
Kmpfsprt, Your Army, PlusQuamPerfekt
The Highspeed Karmagedon
Sofatumblers, The Schemes, Love & Hate
5ft High & Rising, Are Those Your Friends, Cecile
Mikroboy, Sebastian Block, Sofatumblers
5Bugs, Ashes Of Pompeii,
The Blackout Argument, Worst, Behind A Starless Sky
Die Rakede, Le Fly, Singstars Of Death
Blonk, Lavatch, 5ft High & Rising, Your Hero Falling
A Traitor Like Judas, Poison My Blood, Grey, Empyra