Blick auf vernebelte Bühne bei einem Konzert
© Jens Klaus

Vergangene Konzerte

Stöbert durch unsere zahlreichen vergangenen Konzerte.

Sofatumblers, The Schemes, Love & Hate
5ft High & Rising, Are Those Your Friends, Cecile
Mikroboy, Sebastian Block, Sofatumblers
5Bugs, Ashes Of Pompeii,
The Blackout Argument, Worst, Behind A Starless Sky
Die Rakede, Le Fly, Singstars Of Death
Blonk, Lavatch, 5ft High & Rising, Your Hero Falling
A Traitor Like Judas, Poison My Blood, Grey, Empyra
Kleinstadthelden, Newage, Sofatumblers
Turbostaat, Kju:
His Statue Falls, A Chinese Restaurant, Punish My Heaven
Polaris/Solaris, Blakvise, Rap Aus Frust
At The Farewell Party, See You Next Tuesday
A Traitor Like Judas, Bedlam Broke Loose, 5ft High & Rising
The Box Fox, Alpha Pony, Sir Harington
Mambo Kurt
*Leise* Tom Rumbold, Luke Draper, Alive At Last, Polaris/Solaris
And Still I Bleed, From Constant Visions, Archway
Alive At Last, See You Next Tuesday, It Shall Remain
Tom Rumbold