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Vergangene Konzerte

Stöbert durch unsere zahlreichen vergangenen Konzerte.

Mambo Kurt
*Leise* Tom Rumbold, Luke Draper, Alive At Last, Polaris/Solaris
And Still I Bleed, From Constant Visions, Archway
Alive At Last, See You Next Tuesday, It Shall Remain
Tom Rumbold
Vincent Van Go Go, 5ft High & Rising
A Traitor Like Judas
UncommonMenFromMars (F), Exit Inside
Peilomat, Scab
Abuela Coca (UY)
Eternal Tango (LUX), And Still I Bleed, His Statue Falls, Alive At Last, Road to Kansas
20/20 Vision, Adriane, Francesco, Luka, And Still I Bleed, Alive At Last, u.a.
Delinquent Habits (USA)
Smooth Lee (B)
The Heartbreak Motel, Max Headroom, Exit Inside
Death by Kite (DK), Ferguson
5Bugs, Kju:
Abuela Coca (UY)
Soulgates Dawn
Francesco, Alive At Last