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Vergangene Konzerte

Stöbert durch unsere zahlreichen vergangenen Konzerte.

Itchy Poopzkid, Junges Glueck
Cold by Winter (NZ), And Still I Bleed, Maintain
Forty Winks (I), Holiday With Maggie (SWE)
Mambo Kurt
Spitting Of Tall Buildings
First Aid Kid
3 Flaschen, Decrew, Right Left Here
UselessID (ISR), Straight Away (F), Nitrominds (BRA), Seed'n'Feed (I)
Horace Pinker (USA), Downshifter, Flyswater
Disco Ensemble (FIN), Never Heard Of It (USA)
Vanilla Sky (I), Heartbreak Motel, Alice D., Faint Stout
Schein 23, Sonnet, Fony
Go Faster Nuns, Jupiter Jones, Duesenjäger
From Us, Shit Lives On
The Creetings, Honkytunes
Superstarfuckers, Daily Milk, Soliloquy
Tribute To Nothing (UK), Captain Everything (UK), Seed'n'Feed (I)
Karamelo Santo
AndTheWinnerIs, Staircase
Somerset, Never Promise, Colourful Grey